Phase 2 Progress Update

Category Emberton Estate

The Building of Phase 2A is going up at a rapid pace with some of the roofs already on and exterior walls being plastered! The buyers of Phase 2A have just chosen finishes and all looks set for occupation to take place between December 2019 and March 2020. We still have a handful of 2 Bed 2 Bath First Floor apartments available so move quickly to buy if you are in the market as Emberton Estate has proven itself to be an extremely lucrative investment for landlords.

As the Estate has grown, a need for an onsite laundromat has become evident. The exciting news is that this service will be operational from 1 Sep 2019 and will provide residents with washing, drying and ironing services.

Spring is almost here and our well-manicured gardens are being prepped to look exceptionally beautiful this year. Take some time to walk around our beautiful Estate and notice the stunning landscaping work being done by the onsite gardening team.

Author: Smiths Property Group

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