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Cotswold Greens is all about location, space and smart living. These 10 North Facing garden duplexes epito- mise a modern secure lifestyle with space literally on your doorstep. The use of natural elements along withsuperior top end finishes make this latest Cotswold Downs offering, an address to admire. The layout anddesign have maximised position to enhance space and create a sense of smart living surrounded by open spaces for the family to enjoy. 

“The architecture of Cotswold Greens is about the space it shares. All space is considered as ‘positive’ and layers of privacy are introduced through sensible consideration of screens, landscaping and careful positioning of window openings, balconies and terraces. Every home is approached directly off a village street, and presents a unique identity. An elegantselection of finishes renders each facadeas valuable, and contributes to the benefit of allresidents to this boutique community.” - Louis Oosthuysen, GAPP Architects - Head Architect / Cotswold Greens

“I have experienced Golf estate living and seen the industry grow and develop. Where the great demand has shifted over time is to the higher value propositions. That being smaller upmarket more functional homes with access to open spaces , this ensures thebenefits of estate living without over capitalisation. 

I can stress the importance of the open spaces as the move from suburbs to a gated estate inevitably sacrificesgarden space. Neighbouring open green spaces and parks ensures that families don’t give up there outside time.Cotswold Greens I believe is “smart living” and will with its high end finishes, liveable spaces and strong valueproposition, appeal to young professional families and young, globetrotting retirees.

The quality of the professional team, the use of space, materials and finishes, plus the ideal central park locationmake Cotswold Greens a project that we are incredibly excited to associate the Matkovich name with.” - Tony Matkovich - Developer / Cotswold Greens

To find out more about this exciting new village or to view the various plans on market, click the link below.

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